With advancements in science and psychology, we are learning more about the power fragrance has and how when you buy Scentsy in Riverton, you can get more than just a new smell in your home.

When you drive past a bakery and catch a sweet scent of fresh baked cookies and are reminded of being at grandma’s house, the power of association is at play. Your brain wires certain stimuli (or in this case, smells) to certain situations, and that can affect your mood, expectations, etc. Any home owner looking to spruce up their house for cheap can use this to their advantage. Bringing one of Scentsy’s unique fragrances into your home can convey a scent that can either imprint a smell association or revisit that association. For example, bringing a scent of piña colada into your house can either remind someone of their vacation to the Bahamas or it can make new associations of memories at home.

Another power that fragrance has is it can have positive effects on mood, sleep enhancement, stress reduction, self-confidence, and physical and cognitive performance. Putting your body into a ritual is an effective way to take the most use of each scent. For example, having a certain scent when you go to bed. After a pattern is established, when your brain processes that scent, it will prepare your body for sleep and you can fall into sleep easier. Or studying to a certain scent and then taking a test with the same scent will help cognitive performance.

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The applications of harnessing fragrance are simple and it all begins when you buy Scentsy in Riverton. There are more positive habits to be made when you buy Scentsy in Riverton and it is also fun and customizable! Fill your home with different scents and give each desired room its unique scent with all the different types of Scentsy Diffusers too!

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