Have you ever walked into someone’s house and been greeted by the smell of warm apple pie, blueberry cheesecake, or fresh sugar cookie? Yet when you head to the kitchen and try to find the source, it’s inexplicably absent. You’re told it’s from a magnificent little product called Scentsy, and you can buy Scentsy in Riverton.

Scentsy works by infusing bars made of wax with your favorite scent, molded into cubes. You then break one or two of these cubes apart and add them into a warmer that melts the wax, releasing your chosen fragrance into your home. In addition to apple pie, cheesecake, and cookie scents, the waxes come in many other scents as well. You can choose from floral or fruity, spicy and woody, gourmand and green, and just about anything in between!

Part of what makes Scentsy so much fun is the warmers themselves. They vary from anything as simple as a night light to something as complex and fun as a gingerbread house. You’ll be able to find a diffuser to match any décor or liven up any holiday! From pumpkins to Phillies’ hats, there’s something for everyone!

Scentsy even offers diffusers to spread your favorite scent throughout your home. Simply add water and a few drops of your favorite Scentsy oil to the diffuser and away you go! There are currently three diffuser options available.

Buy Scentsy In Riverton

With Christmas drawing near, it makes perfect ‘scents’ to give Scentsy as a Christmas gift! It is a gift that your friends and family will love because they’ll be reminded of your gift every time they walk into their home and smell the wonderful Scentsy smell!

Check out the amazing assortment of diffusers, warmers, and wax bar scents available through Scentsy today! Get your orders in quickly so that they can be delivered in time for Christmas!

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